Production Performance and Troubleshooting of .NET Applications

Speaker: Sasha Goldshtein Modern applications are extremely complex, and with complexity come difficulties in diagnosing performance issues, memory leaks, crashes, and other problems that might manifest only in the production environment. In this workshop, we will review the tools, libraries, and best

Developing cross-platform apps with C# using Xamarin

Speaker: Gill Cleeren Xamarin is quickly gaining a lot of traction within the Microsoft developer community. Using the same language – C# – we can now create apps which run on iOS and Android, next to only Windows Phone previously. Developers which

Programming ASP.NET MVC Core

Speaker: Dino Esposito This workshop provides a comfortable learning path to ASP.NET Core that spans over all the topics a developer must know to use the framework and build Web applications. Although completely new under the covers, ASP.NET Core still looks pretty